Panama City’s Prime-Ex perpetual – disrupting real estate with the blockchain from the start to the end

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As a decentralized platform, Prime-Ex is designed to take control and change today’s inefficient real estate process from the start till the end for the better.

The platform’s main goal is to create an environment where properties are built, sold, and financed within a single, fair ecosystem. This is a massive change to the current real estate industry as new solutions are brought into an area with many issues in recent years.

Prime-Ex achieves this objective by controlling the whole process from start to end which includes the sales, construction, financing, and even the maintenance responsibilities of homes under the platform.

Prime-Ex brings a paradigm shift to the existing real estate ecosystem (which is laden with problems) by fundamentally changing how residential real estate are developed, sold, and financed.

Prime-Ex maintains efficiency by managing the real estate process as a whole which results in higher profits; these profits are then distributed fairly to PEX (the platform’s official cryptocurrency) token holders which increases the inherent value of the tokens. Aside from token holders, users also enjoy the benefit of better buyer financing arrangements. This is extremely important as it solves the problem of residential buyers today were buying a house is more often a stressful experience rather than a memorable one.

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