Over 3000 agents join group to discuss PropertyGuru’s impending price hike

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Some real estate agents are unhappy about PropertyGuru's decision to increase prices for property agents, and as a result they have joined a telegram chat group to discuss the issue.

A recent notice sent by Singapore's PropertyGuru to its subscribers  showed that the prices of its four new agent packages will range from S$880 to S$9,880 per year from Friday (Aug 4).

According to figures publicly available on its website, PropertyGuru has three packages that cost between S$630 and S$2,240 per year. A fourth package, which currently costs S$11,200 per year, is available on its official platform for agents, it said.

In response to the impending price hike, Channelnewsasia.com reports more than 3,000 agents have joined a telegram chat group called “No to Propertyguru” to discuss the issue, with some calling for a switch to other similar portals once their subscription with PropertyGuru ends.

PropertyGuru told Channel NewsAsia that the changes were made in order to “improve the property seeker’s experience”, which will “ultimately deliver more leads to the agents”.

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  • Martin Dell
    August 8, 2017

    Hmm, looking at their numbers ..

    550,000 enquiries per month distributed between 15,000 agents at a monthly cost of $3,980/12 (probably much more than the average fee per agent currently).

    = 37 enquiries per agent per month at a cost per enquiry of $9

    If 1/100 enquiries converts to a sale, that’s a $900 cost per sale (pessimistic industry average).

    What’s the average sale worth to an agent in commission in Singapore?

    Cost is a subjective, emotional number. ROI is what should matter to an agent surely?

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