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Online agent eMoov pulls references to specific high street firms and their ‘1.5% fee’

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Online agent eMoov late yesterday pulled wording from its site which specifically referred to high street agents by name in certain locations and that they were likely to charge 1.5%.

It took the action within hours of EYE asking about the references to those agents and their fees.

The wording had been in eMoov’s ‘area guides’.

It did not appear in all the guides, but yesterday, having been sent one example, EYE swiftly found three others simply by googling eMoov and a place name. We looked only in locations close to us.

The wording was not quite identical, as can be seen from the examples below, but in all cases appeared towards the bottom of each page, and in all cases specifically named certain agents plus the 1.5% figure.

Property marketer Jonathan Rolande whose clients include an agent named in one of the ‘area guides’, said the wording was all about SEO: “This is a blatant attempt to get the agents named to the top of people’s searches with the mention of the misleading fee. Why do it otherwise?”

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