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AI-enabled web and mobile platform Truss is now available in Houston

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AI-enabled web and mobile platform Truss, which helps businesses find, tour and lease office spaces with incredible speed and ease, says it’s opening its doors to the Houston market.

Local firm Gulf Coast Boiler Service Company is already very pleased with the platform.

“I’m so impressed at how easy the office search process was for Gulf Coast Boiler Service Company and how quickly we were able to lease the space” said Todd Kaplan, President of Gulf Coast Boiler Service Company. “Processes that used to take several weeks to complete now only takes a few minutes to finish, thanks to Truss. I cannot imagine an easier or faster process than what Truss offers.”

Kaplan was mainly referring to the task of touring office spaces, which often used to be very time consuming with tenants needing to physically visit multiple office locations in order to get an idea of the layout. With Truss however, anyone looking for office space can virtually tour spaces and immediately decide whether or not they want to move forward with a property.

“We’re so happy to help the office-search process for local businesses in a city facing a gradual recovery from Hurricane Harvey,” said Bobby Goodman, Truss Co-Founder. “It feels good knowing we have a solution that will make people’s lives easier in the area. Businesses in Houston now have a quick and easy way to find and lease their office space. The burden of handling a complex business transaction is now removed.”

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