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NY’s Leaseum Partners joins Tokeny to run $250M tokenized prop fund

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Leaseum Partners, a real estate investment management and blockchain firm based out of New York has recently announced that it has entered a partnership with the Tokeny to use the Tokeny's platform to launch a $250 million blockchain-enabled real estate fundraiser.

Leaseum Partners have announced that the $250 million tokenized real estate portfolio will be launched using the Tokeny platform.

According to Leaseum Partners, the fundraising is focused on income producing commercial properties in New York City.

The CEO of Leaseum Partners, Steve Sillam said:

“We have brought together world-class real estate portfolio management with the benefits security tokens can offer. Token holders will get exposure to a portfolio of new york city real estate, professionally managed. They will receive dividends and their share of the realized capital gain once the properties are sold. Real assets will back the token.”

Silliam believes that by incorporating blockchain into real estate, Leaseum will create greater liquidity in a market that has been relatively illiquid in recent times.

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