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New proptech venture loos to disrupt real estate market

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The newest property disruptor,, claims to use a revolutionary algorithm to create the perfect house and land match for consumers by pairing home designs by some of Australia’s leading builders and developers, with the best estates and land across the country.

Houseandland's technology was founded by seasoned real estate professionals with over 35 years’ experience, who noticed that the home building journey can often be quite disjointed.

The company looks to connect Australian home seekers to the right people – making the home building journey as simple, efficient and seamless as possible.

“Australians know what they want in a dream home, and they will do what it takes to get it,” said Houseandland’s general manager Chelsey Quartermain.

Research commissioned by Houseandland shows that home builders now account for 35 percent of property purchases in Australia. It appears that the stereotypical fear of building is lifting, with more and more Aussies feeling confident and determined to create their ideal home.

Technology is therefore a driving force in simplifying the process for consumers, by allowing them to be in total control of their dream home at a simple touch of a button.

Property search platforms are growing at an immense rate. Online platforms are not only easily accessible and extremely convenient, but they have also become routine in the search process for home builders.

In fact, the online search process has become the most common route to finding the dream home in real time, with 73 percent of Australian’s using online platforms in their search.

Today’s buyers are looking for everything in one place, with 85 percent wanting realistic images and 70 percent wanting to share these images easily. has made this possible, creating a custom house and land package with a simple three-step process.

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