ListGlobally announces partnership with Chinese property portal

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ListGlobally, a leading international distributor of property listings on real estate and classified websites around the globe, has announced a partnership with Chinese property portal, to make it easier for Chinese buyers to browse properties worldwide.

Founded in 2007, Anjuke has become a prominent property platform in China with over 200 million downloads of its mobile applications; the site experienced an exponential increase in traffic after it joined the Group, China’s largest classifieds site with a market cap of USD 5.4 billion.

To reflect the partnership between ListGlobally and Anjuke, the Chinese property portal has now included an Overseas Properties category, which sits alongside the 8 main categories on its mobile app.

ListGlobally's director of business development, Geoffroy Reiser, says the portal's partnership with Anjuke has allowed it to expand its reach across major Chinese cities.

"With key coverage in 500 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Anjuke is the ideal partner for ListGlobally in the quest for an increased Chinese audience," Reiser said.

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"With this new deal, we are considerably reinforcing our presence in China, which is important for real estate vendors in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom but also Portugal among other countries."

Simon Baker, founder of ListGlobally and Property Portal Watch said: “Overseas transactions are now making up a meaningful percentage of transactions in many countries.  The challenge for agents and developers is how to cost-effectively target those overseas markets.  The partnership with Anjuke further extends the global reach of the ListGlobally network to target the high-value Chinese buyers.  Advertisers around the world are now able to generate more leads from overseas buyers and provide the home seller with more opportunity to sell their property for the best price possible.”

In the USA, Chinese buyers purchased USD 27.0 billion of residential property from April 2015–March 2016 . Looking at the Eastern Hemisphere, Australia approved AUD 24 billion (USD 18.1 billion) of real estate investments from China in the fiscal year ended June 2015 - the most recent figures available - making the country by far the biggest source of foreign buyers . The trend is strong and it is estimated that Chinese investment abroad will keep increasing over the next five to ten years.

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