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KEYWii the digital rental platform, will arrive in Colombia in June 2018

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Beatriz Pino, creator and partner of the platform, spoke about the development of this venture and the expectations in Colombia.

He hopes that finding a home for family vacations will stop being a headache and left to the Airbnb, as his new rental platform prepares to arrive in the country.

How was the idea of ​​creating KEYWii born?

Together with a friend, who is also my partner, we decided that we have a special gift for everything related to logistics, interior decoration and the real estate sector. With this it occurs to us that we can take advantage of all the properties of well-known people, and this is because we have a family house in Marbella that we did not usually use so we decided to put the house for rent, and now it gives a return of 6%.

How long can these properties be rented and what is the approximate cost?

In summer, which is July and August, the houses are rented for fortnights or the whole month depending on what the family or the users look for. After these seasons, which are the most important for holiday areas, we offer weekends, a whole week or seasons for people who are going to do activities such as golf. Prices vary depending on the months, but prices fluctuate in high season between 6,000 euros (US $ 7,379) and 7,000 euros (US $ 8,609) per month and in the low season you can rent one of our properties at US $ 98 per night.

In which countries and cities do they provide their services?

We are currently in Spain with presence in cities such as Seville, Malaga, Granada, Huelva, Trujillo, Madrid and Huesca with 48 properties distributed between this area of ​​the peninsula of Spain.

What is the new concept that you are currently launching in Spain?

Now the new concept that we are taking out is called KEYWii Rustic or field where we have recreational farms where we will not only offer the buildings but experiences, and that will be organized. For example yoga retreats, wine tastings, picnics or traditional activities such as horseback riding or family weekends, but offering that extra experience. We already have five farms in Gredos, in the interior of Malaga, Toledo, with shooting range and horses, another in Tarifa and Badafo. Contrary to what people believe, we do not see Airbnb as a competition, but as a promotional tool.

What generates the rent of a property, how much percentage does the owner earn and how much does the platform get?

Our platform takes 18% plus VAT and the remaining 82% is destined for the owner of the property.

Who uses the platform the most: foreigners or locals?

Generalizing everything we have in Spain, we have more national than international tourism, but there are also areas like Malaga (south) that are already considered more international destinations.

The above article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English. Click here to read the original article.

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