Kenya’s real estate industry goes hi-tech with blockchain

By Victoria Haviland 3 Comments NEWS, News

Kenyan leading real estate and fintech company, Land LayBy Kenya Ltd., operates in 4 other countries and is set to launch a minimal viable product for Africa's first multinational Blackchain powered land registry.

This platform will be accessed using a special digital utility key called the Harambee token and will transform the way real estate is sold and bought by annexing the hidden costs, unnecessary intermediaries, and reduce transaction time.

Land LayBy Kenya Ltd. will eliminate manual errors, enhance data security, and duplicate the verification processes.

Usually, Blockchains contain a certain and verifiable record of every transaction. This mitigates the risk of double spending, abuse, fraud, and manipulation of transactions. Crypto economics is built into the Harambee Token which provides incentives for the participants to continue validating blocks which reduces the possibility of hacking and previously recorded transactions being modified.

Land LayBy Holdings hopes to permanently acknowledge the trust gap by disclosing land and options to the public, only with special privacy requirements. The original role of the platform will be to the provide a way to see the Government Land Registry systems.



  • Pete
    January 5, 2018

    What do you mean by blockchain pls elaborate?

  • George Oguda
    January 6, 2018

    How much is the token and where is the whitepaper?

  • Boniafce
    January 22, 2018

    Hi Pete,
    Blockchain is a technology where all the land transactions are shared and distributed across the network securely. Each transaction is a block and is chained onto the network, and distributed across all the users. Using the digital contracts, you can now securely search for land, minimising cases of fraud

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