Japan’s DexisChain to use blockchain investment in real estate market

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Japan DexisChain blockchain investment real estate marketA Japanese company, DexisChain is looking to connect real estate and technology by creating a universal real estate market prediction platform, powered by blockchain that will create transparency and lower the barrier of entry for regular investors.

DexisChain has just announced that their official public launch of DexisChain Protocol Token (DCPT) will start on August 6th, along with a pre-sale that has just gone live on their site and will run until August 5th. Those interested in purchasing tokens can head to their website now. With this launch, the growing company looks to revolutionize how the world invests in the real estate market.

The token will act as both a simple medium of exchange and as a staking mechanism for the surfacing of questions with optimal market relevance. Currently, $7 million in DCPT has already been sold privately with a total of $2 billion DCPT to be issued during the pre-launch and upcoming public launch with no inflation or further token creation needed. The token sale will have a hard cap of 51,566 ETH (Ethereum). Their whitepaper can be found here for more information.

One of the key barriers that exist in the real estate market is information access. Due to highly localized factors affecting the outlook for any given property development project, smaller investors struggle to get reliable data on underlying assets. There is currently no easy way to acquire such information without either paying for expensive professional appraisal and due-diligence services or relying on advisory products such as research newsletters. DexisChain is looking to bring the uniquely powerful “wisdom of the crowd” information sourcing mechanics to the real estate investing industry.

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