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INTAGENT is offering better real estate technology and marketing solutions in Michigan

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INTAGENT has placed their focus on the real estate market where they are using modern tools to assist players in the industry dominate their local markets. Specializing in this specific market has given the team behind the company core competence and expertise gained over the years from handing core issues in the real estate industry. INTAGENT is a one-stop solution for all technology needs covering all aspects including web designing, CRM lead management, content management, and online marketing solutions among other services.

On why they chose to specialize in the real estate market, the Company Director said, “The real estate market is highly evolving and takes a lot of planning and contemplating to succeed in any location. With the growth of technology, competition has become stiffer in this market with only the ones responsive to change standing out in the competition. By choosing to specialize in this industry we took the responsibility of learning the ropes of success from respected players and incorporated them to the technologies we are providing you with.”

Top rated real estate brokers in various markets have always chosen INTAGENT as their online marketing partner. Unlike other companies who charge more for extra features for their web design, the firm has the best realtor web sites design at the lowest rates. The rock solid system INTAGENT offers their clients on their web designs contain advanced features like drip email marketing, CRM, localized data, and IDX services for better performance. Maximizing on these features, realtors can effortlessly stay ahead of the competition and get more traffic to their sites a critical factor in enhancing a market presence.

To explain why their designs have received amazing market receptions, the Marketing Manager said, “Years of creating thousands of design websites for real estate agents has allowed us to make our services responsive and adaptable to the needs of the market. The first attraction to our websites is the eye-catching designs that instantly arouse the interest of your site visitors. It includes easy to navigate features for more satisfactory browsing. A plus to your website is the customization options we offer you allowing you to build your portal tailored to your specifications, target market and locality. Optimization and marketing of the sites are also lightened given they are SEO friendly and highly responsive.”

The most crucial aspect of the design websites for realtors is the level of interactions it allows between the company and potential clients. Keeping the bond between markets and professionals is an aspect INTAGENT has made a walk in the park with their inbuilt marketing solutions. Realtors working with their websites can efficiently use their uploading system to post their listing on all major property portals with their lead generation system to collect, manage, and follow up on their clients at all times.



  • Smith Jones
    May 9, 2018

    Good work done by the company. We need to update our technologies order to compete with the advancing world.
    I’m currently working with a US based fitness website development company.

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