South Africa’s Entegral launches prop site development platform

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South Africa Entegral property real estate website development platformSouth African web developing company for the real estate industry, Entegral has launched what the company claims is the first in the industry real estate website development platform and template language. Entegral operates remote distribution workforces in six countries and develops high-end products for the real estate industry, including stand-alone listing syndication and CRM systems.

Entegral CEO, Adriaan Grové, explains that the platform aims to simplify the development lifecycle, and reduce the cost and overall risk usually associated with creating and maintaining highly customized real estate websites. He highlights some of the key features both real estate companies and web developers will love.

Focus on the front-end

Developers usually get bogged down in integration and optimization of backend systems, Flex Template Language moves the focus to the front-end and provides developers with the freedom to create beautiful and highly optimized websites. There is a clear separation between front-end and back-end which reduces complexity and saves time. Code can even be updated through an online code editor available through a secure control panel. Think of it as the Shopify for real estate websites.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter template websites

The real estate industry is changing at a rapid pace, and more companies are realizing that they need to invest in building websites that reflects their identity better than their competitors. Flex Template Language gives design freedom that front-end developers will immediately resonate with. It provides a very flexible headless CMS for content pages and sections through Airtable, which for instance allows for area profiles, customer reviews and company pages to be integrated.

Serverless real estate websites

The complete platform, including the control panel to manage all code and assets, is serverless and runs on the AWS cloud platform. There is no optimization to worry about since the architecture and cloud inherently takes care of scaling resources based on demand. If you have 50 listings or 50,000 listings, the system can handle easily. Various AWS services including S3, Lambda, DynamoDB, Cloudfront, Elasticache and SQS provides the complete distributed platform. Developers can use any front-end framework like ReactJS, Bootstrap and Angular to code the website. Complete documentation and even sample website source code with dummy real estate office listings are provided.

Use any listing system and developer

Flex Template Language can integrate with any listing system through the industry standard REST API protocol while Entegral’s native Real Estate CRM systems can also be used. This provides a lot of flexibility to real estate companies, especially if they are running their own backend systems - you can essentially have a different and more front-end focused development team handle your website.

For service providers who specialize in Listing CRM systems, it provides a unique way of extending their platforms by adding more value for their clients. It is an open system, so freelance web developers can also signup for sandbox accounts and develop custom or template real estate websites for agents and offices.

Cost effective to set up and run

Hosting starts at $49 per month and an additional fee of $9 per 50 listings covers the direct listing interface with external systems.

Grové finishes saying that the company has already launched their first clients on the platform last March, achieving 100% uptime since then. “Going forward, we want to closely monitor and further fine-tune the overall solution. Since it runs in the cloud, any optimization we do will result in less processing power required, which will result in cost savings for clients."

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