India’s property leaders establish new tech alliance

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Together, the leaders in India's real estate industry have announced their support for the new 'Built World Technology Alliance.' This alliance's goal is to accelerate the digital transformation of the country's real estate sector and is being boasted as the first CRETech community in India.

The move comes as part of a global trend to explore CRETech (the converge of property and technology), or ‘PropTech’ as it’s known in Europe.

“Built World Technology Alliance is a collective of real estate investors and developers, venture capital funds, and technology companies," said Robert Marten, Co-Founder of the Alliance. “The Alliance shares in a mission to accelerate the digital transformation of India’s real estate sector, revolutionize the safety and efficiency of construction and to improve the performance of workplaces.”

The formation of alliance can be seen as an opportunity for startups and VCs to disrupt the Indian real estate sector and the digitally transform its incumbents. Emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), automation, Virtual Reality, among others should be seen as ‘technology as an opportunity’ rather than ‘technology as a threat’, says Robert Marten, Co-Founder of Built World Technology Alliance, in his blog while ephasizing the use of these emerging tech in real estate industry.

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