India’s FindMyHome officially launches for home & office space searchers

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The all-in-one solution for property searchers in India, FindMyHome is officially launched. Its goal is to make the home, as well as office space, finding process easier than ever.

Designed to help users of the platform find the property of their dreams based on their needs, preferences, and requirements, FindMyHome does not only feature a user-friendly interface and simplistic design, but also has extremely easy navigation, ensuring that people will be able to find exactly the type of property that they are looking for without going through the hassle.

Developed especially for clients in Gurgaon, FindMyHome offers luxury properties in the area. It highlights all the information that a potential buyer could be interested in from floor plans and specifications, to contract addresses and properties similar to the one being viewed.

What’s more, the platform also features a section of the latest properties that have been added to the database to ensure that users are aware of new and interesting properties entering the market, properties that match their preferences.

Since quite a large number of people shy away from investing and looking for properties due to inadequate knowledge regarding the world of real estate and finances, FindMyHome also features an EMI calculator to help users understand how payments and installments will work based on their terms. Additionally, since the decision of buying or renting a house is one that is only made after going through a thorough and comprehensive process that entails plenty of attention to detail, the platform also features a gallery of all of the houses available in the database to help users understand what they are signing up for, and make an informed decision.

Users also have the option of entering the town, street, or zip code of their preference to narrow down their search and view only those properties that are available at a specific location.

Properties on the platform are also categorized based on whether they are only available for rent, or can be bought to maximize the ease and convenience of users of the platform. The website for FindMyHome also features a form that users can fill out for all questions and queries, making the home buying and renting process hassle-free.

When it comes to helping the users maximize their time on the site, contact details have been added to ensure that the user can connect with a representative through telephone or email.

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