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India-based Propertyshare aims to cross USD$76+ millions in 2018

By John Michonski 0 Comments NEWS, Market News

Propertyshare, a fractional property ownership service, has announced they aim to cross Rs. 500 crore (USD$$76.3 million) in core assets.

Propertyshare hopes that their expansion will lead to new business in other countries, and further asset classes, such as hospitality and residential.

The company has recently noticed trends declining, with government regulation and asset monetization seeming to the be the cause. Propertyshare wishes to use this opportunity to branch out and earn more money than they would without expansion.

"There is no product that provides seven to eight percent current yield and an equity upside on capital appreciation. Tenanted office provides the returns but are inaccessible to the retail investor thanks to large ticket sizes of 10-50 crores, lack of liquidity and the inability to quantitatively analyse commercial lease structures. We are solving all that in," said co-founder and CEO, PropertyShare, Kunal Moktan.

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