How Australia’s REA Group and NAB made their tech work together

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Making property purchases easier.

The REA Group and NAB had just one year to create a way for consumers to search and fund a property purchase through - but three months from launch, things weren’t working.

“We came to a point early-to-mid August where we realised we were still struggling to get close to where we needed to be,” REA engineering manager Jeremy Burton said.

“The data transfers [between REA and NAB systems] weren’t working, the file formats were wrong, and they weren’t conveying the right message.

“At that point, I had real concerns personally - were we going to be able to get this alignment? What do we need to do [to make it happen]?”

Seven months prior to January 2017, REA Group - operator of - and NAB had hatched an ambitious plan to bring property search and finance together in a single platform.

The aim was to allow a home buyer to “start their home loan journey on, obtain a fully digital, credit-checked home loan application” and then see how that home loan would apply to any property they looked at on the site.

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