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Hosting platforms like Airbnb booming in Tabasco, Mexico

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Digital platforms dedicated offering accommodations in private properties, such as Airbnb, are becoming more and more popular among users; however, they are an unfair competition for the hotel sector of Tabasco, Mexico, as they operate informally, without tourism certifications and without the security measures of Civil Protection, Beatriz Millán Pérez, president of the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels Tabasco (AMHMT).

Airbnb is a company and a software platform that is becoming popular thanks to its cheap hosting offers. Its concept is the private and tourist accommodation market in private properties, which worldwide offer more than 2 million spaces in 192 countries and 33 thousand cities, among them Villahermosa.

In the case of Tabasco, although there is no exact data on how much occupation it offers, private homes are located in the most commercial areas, such as Deportiva, Tabasco 200, Paseo Tabasco and luxury developments on the edge of the city.

Users through the digital platform can make their reservations for periods of at least one day, and the spaces go from a house, a department and even a room within a private home.

However, he pointed out that the hotel sector is against this service, referring that it is an unfair competition for entrepreneurs in the industry, not only Tabasco but throughout Mexico since this company operates virtually in most of the country. country.

"Evidently it has been an informal service for the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels in Mexico, we are totally opposed, against this service that is not fair for all," he said.

He outlined that at the moment there is no direct impact, because they are in the low season and the occupation is minimal, however, they will remain vigilant so that in the next high season of Holy Week there will be no impact on the 158 union members. the association that represents.


As part of the theme, Millán Pérez explained that in Mexico City (CDMEX) the website has already been paid a tax for the service it offers, as do the members of the hotel organizations.

"In some cities, such as the CDMEX, a tax was imposed on the state precisely to try to control and level it. In this case, Tabasco is not regulated, and until now it has not generated any kind of public displacement, precisely because of the low we have, there is not much demand, but we will have to see how it behaves when it begins to reactivate," he outlined.

Meanwhile, he explained that they are working in an organized manner with the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels at a national level, so that the same can be done in Tabasco before it begins to have more boom.


Finally, the hotel entrepreneur stressed that these lodging offers do not pay any taxes or generate employment in the entity, besides operating without tourism certifications and security procedures of the Civil Protection Institute of the State of Tabasco (IPCET).

"We have to pay a series of taxes, we have to certify, we have to register before tourism, a series of procedures before Civil Protection and they do not, plus we generate jobs and this platform does not," he concluded.

The above article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English. Click here to read the original article.

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