Homsters: From Pitch Club participant to sponsor

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PPW caught up with Homsters CEO and founder Andrew Olejnik at the recent PPW Conference in Lisbon to find out more about the start-up and its journey from Pitch Club participant to sponsor.

Homsters launched over three-and-a-half years ago and focuses on building online services to help the rapidly growing middle classes of emerging markets choose and purchase properties in new developments.

"What we do at Homsters is we help online classifieds take the leap into performance marketing leads and transactions by giving them a plug-and-play solution for the new developments segment," Olejnik says.

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PPW Lisbon Conference - Homsters from Property Portal Watch on Vimeo.

The company has grown rapidly over the last few years, with Homsters initially becoming involved with PPW through Pitch Club, and later on as a sponsor. Olejnik says the experience helped drive his company forward.

"We started talking about the new developments, emerging markets, and transactions, and we got invited to PPW. It was an interesting journey because three years ago when we came out and we said: ‘we’re going to develop a solution which allows people to go into new developments and transactions, everybody was looking at us weird,'" he admits.

"Now the whole industry has developed to this level where people understand that portals have to go deeper into the value chain and into the transaction."

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