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Homesnap announces new feature for US homebuyers with their commute in mind

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Market-leading national home search platform, providing real-time MLS data for consumers while providing agents with mobile productivity tools, Homesnap has recently announced a new "Search By Commute" feature that will allow consumers and agents alike to search for properties by multiple household members' commute times.

Homesnap’s new “Search by Commute” feature was engineered in-house, giving it several advantages over drive-time features offered by other platforms. Homesnap’s “Search by Commute” features a simple, user-friendly interface and the ability to save, sync and share commute searches with others across multiple iOS and Android devices and the web. It is powered by statistical analysis combined with real-time traffic information and machine-learning technology, delivering accurate, real-time results. Finally, this is the first time that such a feature is available to agents and consumers at no additional cost.

Users can input up to five destinations to generate the search results, such as multiple employers, schools, daycare facilities, gyms, or any other location of importance. Homesnap will highlight all neighborhoods that are within the maximum drive time from all of the combined locations, even if they are not contiguous.

“Where to buy a house is a function of where and how you live,” said Homesnap Co-Founder Guy Wolcott, the chief engineer behind the new feature. “Many households have two full-time working adults and face traffic jams and long commutes. It can be difficult to figure out where to buy a home. With our new ‘Search by Commute’ feature, agents and home buyers can easily find the best place to live based on where they work and spend their time.”

The National Association of REALTORS® recorded that 73 percent of all home buyers taking their work commute into consideration as part of the buying criteria. The U.S. Census Bureau stated that 88 percent of American commuters travel by car to work and the average American spends around 26 minutes commuting by car from their home to their workplaces.

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