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Hermit crabs are the stars in Zoopla’s new creative property commercial!

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Zoopla ad

Hermit crabs were chosen to exemplify the simplicity of moving, in Zoopla's new TVC.

Property website Zoopla has launched a creative TV advertising campaign that uses hermit crabs to humorously explain how finding a home can be simplified by using the portal.

The campaign will appeal to those in the middle of moving house as well as those who are searching for a new property, in the series of advertisements that have been launched as TV commercials, cinema and outdoor campaigns.

Debuting yesterday with a 60 second TV advert in the UK, the campaign  introduced all the hermit crab characters who will subsequently appear throughout the year. The commercials are expected to reach 94 per cent of ABC1 adults in the UK and on average they will see the advert 10 times across the life of the campaign.

Gareth Helm, Chief Marketing Officer at ZPG, said the decision to use hermit crabs in the commercial was based on a premise that identifies the crustaceans as prolific movers.

“The launch of our new campaign and the use of hermit crabs, who themselves are moving experts, provides an ideal platform to talk more about the evolution of Zoopla," Helm said.

"We expect our advertising to have reached over half the UK population in the first week of the campaign and will have communicated to this audience how Zoopla helps consumers to make smarter choices when it comes to moving and finding a home. This above the line activity is the biggest ever investment for Zoopla and has been designed to deliver even more enquiries and exposure for our members.”

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