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FlyKube offers travel throughout Europe without destination and without date

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Low-cost travel, without destination and without date, and with surprise is what the new travelers, the so-called 'millennials', look for. For this generation that dominates technology as an extension of their own body, the real issue is traveling. It does not matter where or when. Millennials seek the meaning and the experience of the journey. They value the trip itself.
"The search for a flight by price, without prefixing a destination, has already been established as a trend that gains more followers every year among travelers, many of whom choose to fly anywhere. Traditionally, travelers preferred to look for a specific destination, and within that pre-established place, compare different prices. However, the boom experienced after the entry of the flight comparators prompted a new way of traveling," explains Sergi Vila, founder and executive and marketing director of Flykube.
Today the price is no longer enough; tourism has found a new way to evolve. Although it may seem subtle, it is a profound change that is making the entire industry redesign the products it is offering. No longer interested in the 'I was here,' instead, to experience travel in a unique way, personal and according to what really moves each traveler. This means that personalized trips, where there are many options and gives the full range of possibilities to the client, are currently most in demanded.
Vila says, "Those born between 1980 and 2000 continuously seek experiences and share them. For them, it is more important to have spaces where they can socialize than standard hotel rooms with good views. They seek authenticity and flee from the traditional."
Travel is being planned differently now: three-day vacation packages are the norm, with destination and/or date "a surprise."
Another factor that has given rise to this new form of tourism has been the recent boom of mobile devices. The life of the 'millennial' evolves in the palm of their hand via a smartphone. Vila says that mobiles have created a new way of planning trips; they have incorporated spontaneity and impulse consumption without prior planning.
According to this entrepreneur, "it is much more fun to travel without knowing where you are going and even when you leave. Whoever enters Flykube does not simply seek to travel to Paris, Rome or London, but wants that emotional component that engages the surprise factor."

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