FindYourSpace raises $300k to expand beyond Thailand

By Gordana Davila 0 Comments NEWS, News

Real estate tech platform, FindYourSpace, which enables real estate agents in listing properties and increasing their businesses, launched in February of 2015 as a consumer-facing property portal, but it quickly evolved into an agent-focused platform instead, after the company realized how it could improve the local agents' system of operation.

Jostein Aksnes, CEO of FindYourSpace said that real estate agents in Thailand, and most of the region, work very manually and in an office environment still, without a well-established process in place. “This is something that is currently hurting their business, by taking away time from what is most important – closing sales.”

Agents tend to maintain most of their files in spreadsheets on their computer or stored in a cloud storage, making it challenging for agents to efficiently collaborate and market their properties online. This is where FindYourSpace comes in, as it provides valuable tools and services to these agents, and makes it easier for their business to grow and prosper.

FindYourSpace also provides products for media companies allowing them to add an additional content source and revenue stream, through a home section which is powered through the platform.

Recently FindYourSpace leveraged a US$300,000 investment from REAPRA Business Builder, announcing that the company has intentions of expanding into Southeast Asia.

The investment is allowing FindYourSpace to grow its operation, and build its sales, marketing and customer success teams, as well as helping its Research & Development to further evolve its software and improve current products.



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