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FindYourSpace and Hipflat partner to launch listing management tool

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FindYourSpace, a technology platform  for real estate professionals in South East Asia, has announced an official partnership with Thai real estate portal Hipflat to collaborate on a listing management tool for estate agents.

Through collaboration, the companies aim to improve the workflow for real-estate professionals, by reducing time spent on managing listings and increasing lead generation.

FindYourSpace Pro enables real-estate professionals to manage their listings once, and
automatically distribute the listings to broker website as well as partnering real-estate portals like

By reducing the overhead of managing multiple listings, the agents can focus on what's
important, closing deals, and performing more sales!

More collaborations are planned to further integrate the two solutions to provide an even more
improved workflow for the real-estate professionals, reducing agents response time for leads as
well as a unified CRM for managing leads from multiple lead sources.

The CEO of FindYourSpace Jostein Aksnes says the collaboration with Hipflat is a positive outcome for clients.

“A strategic partnership with Hipflat is benefiting both companies, and provides a better
workflow and solution to our common clients. Through timesaving, and increased lead
generation, our clients can increase their revenue, and reduce their cost,“ Aksnes said.

The CEO of Hipflat Denis Nemtsev says the partnership is beneficial for both companies to help service clients' needs.

"We have partnered with FindYourSpace, because we think it offers the best listing
management solution, well-adapted for Thailand's market," Nemtsev says.

"Our clients, real estate brokerages and individual agents, appreciate convenience and speed of adding and updating listings on Hipflat automatically, which allows them to spend more time serving their customers.

"FindYourSpace and Hipflat is a perfect match of professional tools, that any real estate
business can quickly benefit from."



  • Codi
    November 30, 2017

    Great news for the Asian proptech scene! Congratulations on the partnership.

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