Paraguay: “Find Proptech” brings together real estate’s innovators

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This article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English via Google Translate. Click here to read the original article.

Paraguay's InfoCasas will be hosting "Find PropTech" October 26-27 at the Dazzler Hotel in Asunción. The two-day event promises to bring together developers, investors, professionals, and experts in Real Estate to generate the largest meeting of the sector in Paraguay. The event will focus on offering the latest information for all those who are looking for a property to buy or invest.

This event, which InfoCasas says is the biggest Real Estate event of the year, will feature renown national and international businessmen whose knowledge of the sector is vast, will give interesting conferences regarding urban development and investment data in Paraguay. In addition, a study on the most profitable areas of Asunción and an exhibition of the most attractive real estate projects in the city will be presented.

Find PropTech will conjugate a real estate exhibition with the best projects in the country and a space for PropTech Conferences. The panelists will update us on the latest trends in the real estate sector in Paraguay and the region, strengthening the business development of an increasingly competitive sector. There will be more than 30 talks by professional speakers, both international and local, with topics on technology, innovation, real estate, cryptocurrency, and blockchain.

"This type of space is very productive for those of us who are part of the field. It helps us grow and have an overview of what is the current situation in Paraguay, taking into account for example that the economic situation of Argentina and Uruguay directly affects the local real estate market," said Ricardo Frechou, CEO of InfoCasas,  who will also be present. as speaker of the event.

In addition, the CEO added: "PropTech is a concept that defines the application of innovation and disruptive technologies in the Real Estate business. As connectors and references proptech, from InfoCasas we sponsor the meeting of the real estate community in Paraguay and the region. "

Some of the confirmed speakers are Damián Tabakman, President of CEDU, Argentina; Víctor González Acosta, Architect - Dir. De González Acosta & Wood; Manuel Ferreira, Financial Advisor - Former Minister of Finance and Ruben Frattini, Founder of PIRELabs (Argentina).

One of the topics that interest anyone looking for a property, whether as heritage, housing or investment, is the profitability of it, according to the area and characteristics. In this line, the event will present an exclusive report on profitability, recently prepared by the portal, with exclusive statistical data.

On the other hand, in the Real Estate Hall interested parties can find out everything about issues such as Mortgage Credits, Real Estate Developments, Investments in Property, Offers in real estate and properties in general, among other topics related to the field.

In addition, the real estate exhibition will have a space for open talks on Domotics, insurance, home staging, and real estate Developments, among other topics. Encouraging both days, there will be live music, gastronomic space, and raffles among the attendees.

Find PropTech will be carried out thanks to the support of the Barcelona Group, Paraguay Welfare SA, Habitalis, CorAr, Insignia, Petra Urbana, Altamira, Sunset Hills, Dazzler Hotel Asuncion, Banco Itaú and Minds Over Markets.

They also support La Proviencia, Embassy of Uruguay in Paraguay, Uruguayan-Paraguayan Chamber of Commerce, Villa Morra Shopping, Cafepar, Life Films. As Media Partners they support InfoNegocios,, and Prensa Real Estate.

This article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English via Google Translate. Click here to read the original article.

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