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Dubai-based property portal YZER gives away free listings

By Sabine Brix 0 Comments NEWS, Regional News
A futuristic interpretation of Dubai's skyline

A futuristic interpretation of Dubai's skyline

The chairman of Dubai-based property portal YZER says the company has seen its listings increase rapidly since offering brokers the opportunity to post properties on the site for free.

Alibek Issaev, chairman and founder of UAE-based YZER Group, says the portal began the initiative in November last year and by the first week of December listings had swelled to 80,000.

Issaev says the motivation for the campaign was the increasing number of fraudulent listings that sprung up on the site.

"Our latest initiative is to give listings away for free to brokers. Most people may not be aware but all of the market leaders charge real estate companies to put listings on their sites," Issaev says. "This often leads to fake properties being shown to try and attract people to call. We don’t have that problem because there is no cost for the real estate company."

The brokers will be given access to a customer relationship management system that will help streamline their internal processes and property buyers, leasers and inventors will be able to compare prices and features of UAE properties.

The listing platform is available in 12 languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French and Russian.

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