Domain’s #1 property app campaign reinstated following REA legal battle

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Domain.com has launched a new advertising campaign, continuing to call itself the #1 property app after it was previously sued by its competitor REA Group - owners of realestate.com.au.

In its new Spring campaign, Domain targets over 2000 sites including  street furniture, billboards, trams and buses with the tagline "Australia's #1 Property App".

Earlier this year REA took Domain to court after the real estate publisher launched an advertising campaign in February 2016 claiming to be the #1 property app.

Domain has resumed its advertising campaign claiming to be Australia's no. 1 property app.

Seven ads were identified in the case, including a four-page wrap around of the Sydney Morning Herald that stated Domain was the "#1 property app" and had the "most listings in Sydney". A billboard also claimed Domain had the most listings in the Sydney real estate market. A similar wrap-around published in The Age that weekend said Domain had "the best listings" in Melbourne.

Justice Murphy of the Federal Court in Melbourne found that five out of seven advertisements published by Domain were entirely reasonable claims or just "advertising puffery".

The court ruled Domain can use the phrases 'Australia's #1 Property App' and 'Best Listings' – however Domain is stopped from using the 'Most Listings' phrase without a prominently featured source for that claim.

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