Domain Group goes live with Auction house in Sydney

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Domain Group has announced a partnership with one of Australia’s largest independent auction companies  Cooley Auctions - to launch Domain Auction House - a Domain-branded space used to host live auctions.

As part of the two-year partnership with Cooley Auctions, Domain will take naming rights to its auction house located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs of Double Bay. Domain's Commercial Real Estate business will also sponsor Cooley Auctions’ commercial auction facilities in Sydney’s CBD.

Damien Cooley is the founder of the eponymous Cooley Auctions’, and one of Australia's most renowned auctioneers; he has also signed an exclusive deal with Domain to be an ambassador for its recently-launched national education program, Domain Academy.

Cooley brings decades worth of auctioneering experience to the table, including the Australian record for the highest sale of a single dwelling home sold at auction.

Domain Group has partnered with Cooleys Auctions to launch Domain Auction House.  Image: Cooleys Auction House

Domain's CEO Antony Catalano said the brand's partnership with Cooley Auctions will help position the digital brand among bidders.

“The auction house sponsorships provide a valuable consumer touchpoint, with brand exposure to serious bidders across a full calendar of in-room auction events. We’re delighted to launch Domain Auction House in the heart of Sydney.”

Damien Cooley added: “Domain Academy is a great concept and the perfect way for agents to gain valuable insights.

“As an ambassador, I will discuss the concept of auctions, not just from an auctioneering point of view but about the entire process from start to finish. Things like why we use auctions as a method of sale, how to talk to a seller during a campaign, how to qualify a buyer and how you bring all of that together to secure a great price."

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