Since launch in 2008, Property Portal Watch has held 18 conferences around the world where global C-Level managers from property portals come together for 2 or 3 days to discuss the major issues facing their businesses.

We’ve held conferences in San Francisco, New York, Singapore, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Madrid with well over 1,000 attendees.

In March 2017, we held a conference in Bangkok attended by more than 180 C-Level managers from 30 different countries. Our conferences also attract investors, traditional media and suppliers to the industry.

In June, we held our inaugural Global Online Classifieds Summit in Miami, giving Property Classifieds the opportunity to network and share insight with other Classified Industries.

Now we shift our attention to the Property Portal Watch Conference in Lisbon October 4 – 6.

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    Lisbon Conference 4 - 6 October 2017

    The Property Portal Watch Conference brings together C-Level management from property portals around the world. This is our 21st conference and our first in the exciting city of Lisbon. Last year we had more than 300 participants in Madrid and this year we are expecting well over 350 in Lisbon. The conference runs for 3 days from the 4th to 6th of October and will be held at the amazing Pátio da Galé. For the third time in Europe, we will be running a one day operational Best Practice Master Class on the day before the conference (3rd of October). This masterclass will be run by Simon Baker. You can attend either the master class, the conference or both sessions.

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PPW Conference Photos

PPW Madrid Conference 2016

Fortuny Social Event: Co-Sponsored by APIMO, Distil Networks & Floorplanner. Wednesday 28 September 2016

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img_4435    img_4437    img_4438

img_4439    img_4441    img_4442

img_4443    img_4444    img_4445

img_4446    img_4447    img_4448

img_4449    img_4450    img_4451

img_4452    img_4453    img_4454

img_4455    img_4456    img_4457

img_4458    img_4460    img_4461

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img_4465    img_4466    img_4467

img_4468    img_4469    img_4470

img_4471    img_4472    img_4474

img_4475    img_4477    img_4481


Platea Social Event: Sponsored by Mitula Group. Thursday 29 September 2016

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_dsc8859    _dsc8862    _dsc8865

_dsc8868    _dsc8877    _dsc8879

_dsc8881    _dsc8882    _dsc8891

_dsc8893    _dsc8895    _dsc8901

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_dsc8916    _dsc8920    _dsc8921

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_dsc8944    _dsc8950    _dsc8953

_dsc8961    _dsc8964    _dsc8971

_dsc8972    _dsc8973    _dsc8975

_dsc8980    _dsc8986    _dsc8995


_dsc8997    _dsc8999    _dsc9001

_dsc9006    _dsc9010    _dsc9015

_dsc8852  _dsc8993  _dsc9004  _dsc8957  _dsc8890

_dsc8878  _dsc8871  _dsc8872  _dsc8863  _dsc8875

PPW Asia Conference 2016


IMG_8224              IMG_8237              IMG_8342

IMG_8344              IMG_8423              IMG_8441

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