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Company Profile: Apimo

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Apimo is a gold sponsor of the Property Portal Watch Conference in Lisbon. The company's CEO Nicolas Guillaud tells PPW all about the business.

How would you describe Apimo?
Apiwork is a company that specialises in the creation of software - such as Apimo - and websites that utilise Web 2.0 technology for real estate offices, franchise groups and property portals. Our key real estate customers are all across Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

Where are you based?
Our head office is located in Cannes, France, with additional offices across Europe.

How many people work at Apimo?
We have a team of 25 enthusiastic apiworkers who wake up smiling every morning ;-). They are always looking for new methods and techniques to improve their performance and are a great team who strive to do better. They are always keeping abreast of new industry trends globally.

What makes your company unique?
Apimo is a white label real estate solution.

  • We are the only international property database compliant with all real estate markets globally.
  • We can offer a property portal a white labelled software solution and selection of agent websites designed to enhance the portal’s offering in their marketplace
  • We syndicate out listings in real time

How long has the company been running?
We’ve been running for over 10 years.

What motivates you and your team?
We want to keep continuing to innovate and  to improve our product offering. We are motivated by the positive feedback we receive from our customers. This is not only important to me, but equally to all members of the team.

What’s one of the most important things you’ve learned while working at Apimo?
That the success of our entire company is determined by our team’s collaborative spirit and the cooperation of all of our employees.

What is one of Apimo’s biggest achievements, to date
The Apimo product has been embraced by some of the largest and most respected luxury brands from within Europe who are highly supportive of our solution and who continue to support us with each technology enhancement that we make. We are also extremely excited by our recent International expansion whereby shortly we will be able to announce some numerous partnerships in a range of different countries.

We manage to work with some of the largest brands in the industry. The co-founders of Seloger.com first sponsored us, and due to our effectiveness and the strong bond we formed with them they then joined Apiwork as investors and mentors. Since then, we successfully partnered with the first French real estate union, the SNPI, who took part in our capital, raising round which was validation for us that we were on the right path.

Apimo CEO, Nicolas Guillaud. Image: Supplied

What do you enjoy most about working at Apimo?
We enjoy seeing customers who are satisfied with our product and witnessing how much they appreciate our creativity and work ethic.We take pride in the beautiful websites that we create.

In different markets, we are able to supply the major real estate agencies with our product thanks to its ease of use and our quality customer service.

On occasion we receive property listings from celebrities and it’s fun for us to visit their houses!


How do you differ to your competitors?
We offer Apimo as a package with CRM software, a website and other inter-agency collaborative services.

• Apimo is available in 15 languages with real translations; it’s really essential in an increasingly international market.

• We offer web software with unlimited users, photos and products.

• We have an instantaneous hotline.

• We use 4K photos (4096 pixels) for a great consumer experience and offer free digital training courses. Soon you’ll discover online free tips too !

Apimo offers two syndication solutions : Syndicate your pro portfolio to more than 250 partners’ websites in multiple countries and use a webservice which gives your webmaster protected access to your data. We also deliver a weekly news service to keep our customers informed about what’s happening at Apimo.

What are you most looking forward to at the PPW Lisbon conference?
We have been sponsors of the Property Portal Watch Conferences for the past four years. Each year we look forward to the meetings, exchanges and long-term relationships that we build. It is our consistent involvement that has helped us create an offering that appeals to all portals today. We can meet with the executives of many of the world’s leading portals, and that is a fantastic opportunity which we thoroughly enjoy and benefit immensely from.

In just three days we are able to work with C-level executives from  portals from around the world, especially at the fabulous social events. Currently outside of France, Apimo gains a new market every six months and this is thanks to partnerships found at the Property Portal Watch Conferences.

Is there any other information you would like our readers to know?
We look forward to socialising with attendees at our sponsored event on Thursday 5th October following the conference. We hope to see you at Urban Beach in Lisbon at 20:00 pm.

Urban Beach is the perfect destination for a drink on the waterfront, where you can experience the sound of national and international DJs. The sand and the location make this as close as you get to the beach in the center of the city. Are you ready to have an extraordinary evening with us ?
K URBAN BEACH Av. Brasília, 1200-109 Lisboa.


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