CastleCoin’s real-estate cryptocurrency will tackle Aussie house prices

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There's an increasing trend in the investment sector of property. It's called "fractional property investment" and it's a strategic way that has been gaining popularity with investors while house prices rise.

Instead of a buyer putting down a deposit for a property, fractional investment allows the cost to be divided into shares and sold to investors, effectively giving each holder a portion of a property.

As the property’s value rises, so too does the value of each share.

In the past year, there has been a notable rise in the popularity of fractional property investment as house prices in many of the major cities skyrocket – not just in Australia but in overseas markets too.

The concept has attracted platforms such as BrickX and most recently CoVESTA — but the latest blockchain-enabled platform could represent the future.

CastleCoin describes itself as a blockchain-based real estate investment platform and digital currency that’s designed to simplify property investing — empowering buyers, investors and vendors to make better-informed investment decisions and cut through barriers to entry.

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