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Canadian startup offers big data and A.I. to better manage properties

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A new startup is assisting landlords by introducing new forms of data to their repertoire to remove undesirable tenants from the list.

Victoria-based Certn combs through more than 100,000 online data points, everything from social media posts to criminal convictions to eviction notices, in order to build a risk profile for each consenting applicant. The company even offers behavioral analysis questionnaires to gauge things like ethics, honesty, intelligence, attitudes and beliefs.

“You can assess things like how clean the person is likely to be, their level of kindness,” Certn co-founder Andrew McLeod told CTV Vancouver Island on Friday. “The big thing to note is that we don't look at images.”

Renting has become a high-stakes game for everyone involved. It’s often the only option for young urban dwellers. And those that own pricey properties in Canada’s largest cities are increasingly looking to rent out excess space to keep up with mortgage payments and rising property costs.

Digital tenant screening solutions like those on offer from Certn, and its Canadian competitor Naborly, can be powerful tools for landlords in saturated rental markets like Victoria, Vancouver and Toronto.

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