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Airbnb wins lawsuit in California against property landlord

By John Michonski 0 Comments NEWS, Regional News

Airbnb has gotten a lawsuit thrown out in their favor in California. Aimco, a property manager of around 50,000 properties, sued the giant corporation, claiming it was actively attempting to make people breach their leases.

The lawsuit, which was filed in both Florida and California, seeked to shut down Airbnb's enabling of lease abuse, as well as monetary damages.

Airbnb, however, argued that Aimco's attempt to shut down Airbnb in the state of California was impossible under California's laws, and also claimed that whatever their clients did wasn't pushed by the company.

California's judges sided with Airbnb, and threw out the case. Airbnb was happy with the result.

“The partnerships we have established with landlords have made it clear that home sharing can be a win-win situation for everyone. The Airbnb Friendly Buildings Program allows tenants to leverage their greatest expense to make extra money and can create new economic opportunities for landlords. We are excited to have many such partnerships in place and we continue to see tremendous interest from forward-looking landlords and developers who understand that home sharing is going to be part of the solution, especially for Millennials who are facing historic debt.”


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