buyMyplace enters deal with FlexiGroup to offer interest-free credit

By Sabine Brix 0 Comments NEWS, News

Commission-free real estate company, buyMyplace Group has announced a new partnership with financial services institution FlexiGroup Limited, to offer up to six months’ interest free credit to assist customers prepare their home for sale or to assist in covering their sale or moving costs.

BuyMyplace says it will offer two new products which include a buy now and pay over time finance solution as well as up to six months' interest free on purchases.

The new deal will help alleviate some stress when it comes to customers who are selling their home and planning to purchasing another, says buyMyplace CEO Paul Heath.

“We want to give vendors the best outcome when it comes to the sale of their property and a smooth transition to their next home," Heath said. "House prices are increasing and by giving vendors an interest-free option to make improvements to the property they have for sale, or even enabling a renovation to their next home, we can create a better outcome while reducing some of the stress in moving.”

He says the partnership with Flexigroup will be beneficial to buyMyplace customers.

“We are delighted to be working with FlexiGroup, which is a top 200 ASX company
with a solid reputation in the finance space. This arrangement is for the benefit of our customers,
and we will not earn any commissions nor pass on any merchant fees to our customers.”

FlexiGroup’s Chief Executive Officer, Symon Brewis-Weston welcomed the partnership with buyMyplace.

“It is exciting to be working with leading DIY commission free real estate company,buyMyplace, to provide its vendors greater convenience as well as an easy transition between properties. And it’s good to be assisting buyMyplace towards realising its vision of providing the most comprehensive product offering of any real estate company in Australia.”


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