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Broker Agent 360 partners with smart TV channel Keyboom

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Broker Agent 360 has partnered with Keyboom/Listing Booster, an advanced lead generation technology, to offer clients and Listing Booster. This lead sourcing technology package will enable real estate agents to reach prospective homebuyers and cultivate productive, beneficial relationships with them.

“This exciting collaboration enables real estate agents to use Keyboom to actively engage homebuyers through today’s popular media outlets and then facilitate an ongoing relationship that leads to a sale and a happy home owner,” said Matthew Stamer, Broker Agent 360 founder and CEO.

Keyboom provides prospective homebuyers the first property search portal that is a fully interactive smart television channel. This lead generation tool reaches homebuyers in the comfort of their homes and lets them control the search for a new home at their convenience. When the homebuyer is interested in a property, a single click of the remote connects them directly with the listing agent or permits them to save the property for additional consideration. Keyboom is available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Google Play, and other Android-based smart televisions.

Once the homebuyer has connected with the listing agent, Broker Agent 360 enables the agent to move the contact into an intuitive CRM and email marketing system and follow up on the lead in a consistent, professional manner. Broker Agent 360’s system was created for real estate agents by real estate agents. It provides a comprehensive technology platform for busy professionals, ensuring their ability to outpace the competition through superior technological solutions.

In addition to CRM and email marketing, Broker Agent 360 provides advanced real estate search websites and Premium Mortgage Leads® (PML), which enhance lead flow, conversion, and return on investment (ROI).

“We are very excited to have a new alliance with Broker Agent 360. The Keyboom/Broker Agent 360 combination packs the biggest marketing punch in the industry at a very reasonable price,” said Frank Garay, Keyboom CFO.

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