Brixn: The start-up who wants to simplify the Aussie home-buying journey

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First homeowners

Brixn wants to simplify the journey for first home owners with the introduction of their app. Image: Shutterstock

Brixn is a soon-to-launch Australian  property app intended to simplify the home ownership journey for the next generation of Australian home buyers.

The app provides users with a number of key milestones throughout the home buying process including: searching, pre-approval, negotiating, contract of sale, finance and settlement. Brixn then connects users to the right resources at the appropriate stage of the journey.

The concept was born when the app's founders  – Zac and Alisha Goodman – began having regular conversations with their friends about home ownership.

"Sharing a beer on a Sunday afternoon and knowing we had a property portfolio, friends of Alisha and mine would often ask us questions about home ownership and the process involved– what next, who should I speak to, who do I trust?" Zac tells PPW.

"While the Internet has provided us all with the information at our fingertips, home ownership has remained over-complicated, flooded with choice and confusion."

With a resolve to make purchasing a home, simpler, the couple conducted research during a two-year period, which solidified what they already suspected: that the process was daunting for many Australians.

"Alisha and I began to develop a central location for the process, along with guidance and information, which quickly turned a series of procedures into a journey," Zac says. "By forming relationships with a number of trusted, experienced and motivated service providers, we have a service that truly delivers on our vision."

Their vision has evolved into a product which offers users a search checklist and push notifications to ensure they remain confident and in the know during the entire journey.

"We do this by supplying users an app which allows them to track progress and key dates, offers tips and guidance, gives greater control over the process and provides access to Brixn’s recognised service providers; including brokers and conveyances to support their journey,"  Zac explains. "Finally, Brixn Express sets up utilities and connections ready for moving day."

Brixn is currently finalising Alpha and Beta testing and will initially launch in QLD next month with a desire to go Australia-wide in the future.

"We want to provide the next generation of Australian home owners the confidence to follow their dream, believe it is a reality and provide the support to know it is achievable," he says.

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