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Brazil’s Viva Real has merged with Globo-owned Zap

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Viva Real merged with Globo-owned Zap. VivaReal CEO Lucas Vargas will serve as the CEO of the new entity, Grupo ZAP Viva Real, which also includes Geoimovel, Suahouse, Sub100, and DataZAP.

(Baguete) The two largest Brazilian property portals Zap and Viva Real, recently announced the creation of a holding company from the merger of their operations.

As a result, Zap, VivaReal, Geoimovel, Suahouse, Sub100 and DataZAP companies are now part of the Grupo ZAP Viva Real.

In the new company, executives Eduardo Schaeffer, CEO of ZAP, and Brian Requarth, founder of Viva Real, split the holding company's co-chair.

"We have been able to preserve the relevance of ZAP in the classified market, achieved over decades with our newspapers, by developing superior service to consumers through the best in the digital environment. For us, it is an example because digital revenues for media companies tend to be increasingly important," says Jorge Nóbrega, executive vice president of Grupo Globo.

After the merger, the brands and products will continue to act independently.

"With this alliance, ZAP will have the opportunity to improve its proximity to the brokers and Viva Real will gain market intelligence and become better known to the final public. In practice, with this synergy, users and advertisers will have better experiences at both portals," says Vargas.

With 26 physical offices, the two portals are expected to initially receive more than 40 million monthly visits.

The company reports that the Grupo ZAP Viva Real will have more than 7 million ads that will generate more than 4 million stakeholder contacts. Portals receive more than 100 thousand searches for real estate per hour.

The above article was sourced from Lavca Venture Investors and translated from Portuguese into English.

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