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Booking gives 4 reasons not to fear Airbnb while it elevates Amazon

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After Airbnb declaring itself the main antagonist of Expedia and Booking, Glenn Fogel, CEO of Booking Holdings, responds to the Airbnb threat giving four reasons not to fear the well-known platform, while defending Amazon's unstoppable strength and its possibilities in the industry to become a decisive channel as a distributor.

The first of the reasons that Fogel indicates for not worrying about Airbnb is the reliability of Booking, in whose website the customer already knows that the available offer is always legal. As a second argument, it cites the customer service offered by Booking, unlike Airbnb, since it is available to the user 24 hours in 43 languages. The third reason is the immediate confirmation of reservations, in contrast to Airbnb, where you have to negotiate with the owner, who can cancel the stay.

Finally, the CEO of Booking Holdings, formerly known as Priceline, emphasizes the fact that his company does not charge commissions to the buyer, offering in his opinion in this way "a superior service" that does not scare the traveler, as can happen with the mode to come from Airbnb (Fogel: " has imposed itself for the ease of use of its website").

Also, Glenn Fogel praises Amazon for creating such a strong brand that leads people to go directly to their website, an achievement that Booking aspires to be able to offer, that includes the best selection of products, prices and an excellent customer service, and if there is a problem, fix it, because that is how a client loyalizes forever, he says.

The above article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English. Click here to read the original article.

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