Australia’s REA Group, working toward a more gender forward workspace

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In a statement to The Australian, REA Group CEO Tracey ­Fellowes said that there were too few women coming through university courses, so the company is acting on it. REA's latest ­diversity report indicates that 81 percent of the firm’s technology ranks are males.

“We thought: ‘How do we do something that can appeal to women who either haven’t got into tech or at a later stage have an aspiration to?’ We’re trying to solve the problem on how to get more diversity within our tech teams. We’ll hopefully have women that can then attract more women to REA, and we’ll have ­diversity of thought.

“I expect all of these women, whether it’s after six months or 12 months, will be just as successful as anyone with multiple years of experience.” Recently there has been a great deal of focus on claims of Domain's "boys club" antics, and the company reviewing its working environment. Ms Fellows added that she was aware of tech and real estate companies' reputations of being challenging work cultures for female employees, but that she is serious about making REA different.

REA's wish is for people to be themselves, and turn up exactly who they are. According to Ms Fellows, this approach gets the best out of people. “We also do it with heart. There’s a big care factor here, which is far different to anywhere I’ve ever worked. We changed our values a few years ago and ‘do it with heart’ is the most overwhelming here versus somewhere else.

“You have things that happen in the workplace that aren’t consistent with the values you want, and the key is, as a leader what do you do? Do you take action or let it slide? You need to say ‘that’s not OK here’. Everyone deserves ­respect in the workplace,” concluded Ms Fellows.

The above article was sourced in part from The Australian.

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