Atlanta property portal launches tool to help buyers estimate renovation costs

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Luxury property portal Harry Norman Realtors have partnered with marketplace Kukun, allowing potential home buyers in Atlanta to use a widget that estimates how much it would cost to renovate a property.

Those searching for a home on Harry Norman are now able to use Kukun's Renovation ROI calculator  in order to scope out how much they would spend on a home renovation.

All of the listings on the portal now have a custom hyperlocal widget that features home renovation data to address the needs of the Atlanta market with approximately 1000 visitors using the Kukun widget since its soft launch.

Kukun's ROI investor calculator will assist Harry Norman's customers with their renovation estimates.

The proptech tool is set to transform the way people in Atlanta think about home purchasing says Jenni Bonura, president and CEO of Harry Norman Realtors.

“As potential homebuyers visit our website they now have access to a resource to help them make a house their dream home, without dealing with the stress of guessing how much the renovations will cost or how much their home will be worth after the fact," Bonura says. "We’re excited to be the first in Atlanta to partner with Kukun and continue our long-standing tradition of being change-makers in our community."

The CEO and founder of Kukun, Raf Howery, said the ROI calculator will be an asset to home renovators.

“Partnering with Harry Norman, Realtors is a great step for Kukun to bring to the residents of Atlanta the right tools to fuel Atlanta’s residential market home buying and flipping.,” said Raf Howery, CEO and Founder of Kukun. “They are a remarkable real estate company that is rich in history, and we’re excited to be able to serve their customers who are interested in exploring the option to buy a home that requires TLC and alleviate their renophobia symptoms..”

This collaboration with Harry Norman, Realtors® follows Kukun’s partnership with Intero Real Estate in Silicon Valley, and there are additional affiliate announcements to come from other Berkshire Hathaway partners.

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