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Asia’s SmartOwner offers exclusive hospitality portfolio for investors

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Asia SmartOwner hospitality portfolio investorsA leading marketplace for property investors in Asia, SmartOwner has recently announced the launch of a sequence of exclusive international hospitality portfolios that will tap into the quick and short-term rental sector. This series will provide investors that are a little more picky with their choices to own a stake in a global, diversified portfolio of luxury properties locating in the top tourist spots in the world.

The first portfolio, STR-APX-ONE, is focused on the high-growth Asia-Pacific region, and will launch in Dubai, the world's #1 tourist destination in terms of dollars spent.

The short-term rental market has transformed the hospitality industry, with online marketplaces like Airbnb creating a fluid, transparent market where travelers can choose from a vast array of options when choosing where to stay.

* $31 Billion: Valuation of Airbnb (30% higher than Hilton)

* 112%: Growth of Airbnb (compared to Marriot 8%)

* 6 Million+: STR listings globally in over 65,000 cities

This first portfolio offers investors who qualify, a simple opportunity to add this ever-expanding sector to their portfolios. Those who participate in STR will receive better quarterly returns that are decided on rental yields and the returns will be enhanced through professional property management, a best-in-class service, and algorithmic revenue optimization. The investors will be able to resell their appreciated stake in the portfolio through SmartOwner's platform. This offer is extremely limited and is expected to sell out quickly.

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