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Argentina’s Breakfast 20/20: The 20 Real Estate Influencers facing 2020

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This article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English via Google Translate. Click here to read the original article.

On Thursday, May 3, 20 businessmen were invited to an exclusive breakfast that took place in WeWork of the Torre Bellini where Andrea Rodríguez Valdez, director of Mktre and of the first PropTech Latam Summit event, together with Rubén Frattini, Managing Director of LAREI Group. They discussed the PropTech map of the region and presented the main reasons why the current landscape of the real estate industry should be analyzed in comparison with the disruptive moment that the market is experiencing in the rest of the world.

Much is being talked about the technological changes that affect the real estate industry and it is because nowadays Latin America is beginning to visualize a process of changes never seen before where the eruption of technology not only opens opportunities for the actors of the industry, but also allows the insertion of new niches that optimize the way of doing business in this regard.

With an eye on it for some time, Andrea Rodríguez Valdez carried out research together with other international institutions and consultants to create the first PropTech map in Latin America, which led her to develop the PropTech Latam Summit with which the concept is incorporated disruptive of the companies that are already initiating this process.

On May 3, with the sponsorship of WeWork, an exclusive breakfast was held in the meeting rooms of the WeWork building in Buenos Aires, located on the well-known Torre Bellini, in front of 20 businessmen from the Argentine Real Estate. The event organized by Real Estate Marketing was called "Breakfast 20/20: The 20 Real Estate Influencers facing 2020".

The meeting emulated the presentation made during the month of April in Chile, where Andrea Rodriguez Valdez spoke with forty members of the Association of Real Estate Developers of that country (ADI), with the aim of bringing together the leaders of the real estate industry at a regional in order to generate a community around the topic PropTech.

The presentation of the breakfast in Buenos Aires was in charge of Ruben Frattini under the title "PropTech 3.0: the future of real estate" and in which he approached the subject from a global approach, analyzing the traffic that makes the real estate industry in advanced markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain, where for years they have been entrenched with this PropTech trend. One of the issues that was highlighted during the meeting is the strong investment in technology companies and startups, in the PropTech, FinTech and ConstruTech in those countries, and how it will impact in Latin America when we have to travel the same experience.

In this same line, Rubén Frattini indicated that "in the world, between 2012 and 2016, an investment of 5,600 million dollars was handled. The values ​​are growing impressively, for 2017 the investment exceeded 6,500 million "and added that" the United States is the country with the largest investments in this area with 49%, followed by China, the United Kingdom and then India. Latin America does not affect the industry beyond the effort for now, but it is progressing steadily and there are many venture capital and accelerators that are working in the region."

At the regional level, Andrea Rodríguez Valdez stressed that "We have made the maps of the PropTech in Latin America to start visualizing the companies that are in the sector. We did a research and that's how the PropTech maps for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico arose, work that we did in partnership with PropTech Consult of the United Kingdom. The research showed around 250 companies in these countries."

Regarding the position of the companies against PropTech, he stressed that "They are still in the stage of awareness and learning of this new trend, we have a long way to go". The announcement of the first PropTech Latam Summit event was held on June 7 in Santiago, Chile, and it promises to be an event that will bring together stakeholders interested in the topic: developers, brokers, construction companies, suppliers, startups and investors.

This article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English via Google Translate. Click here to read the original article.

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