Apimo: Creating IT solutions for property portals

By Sabine Brix 0 Comments NEWS, News

Apimo is a French real estate tech company that utilizes Web 2.0 technology for real estate offices, franchise groups, and property portals.

The company was a recent Gold sponsor of the PPW conference in Lisbon and its CEO Nicholas Guillaud told PPW how the PPW conferences helped him redefine the company's strategy around emerging markets.

Nicholas Guillaud states that the Property Portal Watch conference introduced him to new strategies involving large markets. These ideas were conveyed via the conference, to Apimo and many other companies, showing how important these meetings can be.

Apimo's specialization in software for high-end real estate portals has led it to create some of the world's top websites for the realm. Their honing of strategies as the market shifts will dictate how far the industry can shift.

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