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allAgents reinstates ‘Fakegate’ UK’s Purplebricks reviews and reinforces 5-star criteria

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Reviews site allAgents reinstated most of the Purplebricks reviews on its site, possibly triggering a new legal tussle.

Recently, there were 74 reviews on the site, some of which are accompanied by the message that Purplebricks challenged that particular review, together with confirmation by the reviewer that their review was genuine.

allAgents said it has also reinforced the process for the posting of Purplebricks’ 5-star reviews, claiming that this was after 50% of those reviewers failed to respond to allAgents’ checks.

allAgents has been involved in a long-running dispute with Purplebricks over the validity of negative reviews posted on the allAgents site, with allAgents claiming that Purplebricks has repeatedly threatened legal action against the Glasgow-based company.

allAgents suspended the Purplebricks review profile pages from its site in September, to prepare for any possible litigation, but has now decided to put them back on. A crowdfunding campaign to raise money to cover the cost of any litigation fell just short of its £50,000 target.

Purplebricks has repeatedly questioned 26 reviews about the company on the allAgents site, claiming they were fake.


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