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Airbnb in Mexico allows you to generate an extra income of your passions

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Diego, María and Fernando today generate an extra income from sharing their passion for tacos, crafts and chile through Airbnb, the platform recognized for offering spaces to stay in almost the entire world.

Since August, a month after Airbnb opened Experiences in Mexico, Diego, along with a group of friends who share their taste for good food, thought about curing a list of the best places in the Roma and Condesa neighborhood to eat tacos.

Today, the service with a cost of 900 pesos ($46) that includes the tour of these taquerias through bicycle, consumption and culminates with a tequila or mezcal has become the most popular experience on Airbnb in Latin America.

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"It allows people to get to know Mexico City differently," says Diego.

Diego mentions that the Taco Club, the name of the Experience, is available every day of the week with a capacity of up to 8 people. There are days when you can receive only one person, but there are others where you fill the quota.

On Saturday, next to this interview, Diego received six people. That is to say that in a single day he generated income for 5,400 pesos ($280) or 61 minimum wages. The income mentioned is net and expenses are not considered.

"Experiences, for the hosts that offer them, are a way to generate extra income," says Stephanie Ruiz, communications director at Airbnb Latin America.

Ruiz points out that the Experiences have tripled in number since they were launched in June of this year. Airbnb started with 30 and today they are already 90.

"The CDMX is the second fastest growing global market with an increase of 200% in the number of experiences available on the platform," says the executive.

Like the Taco Club, which is today the most popular experience in the region, María has found a market to take advantage of her passion for alebrijes and art.

María, who owns an art store in the south of Mexico City, saw, as a user of the platform, the opportunity to share her love for Mexican art and, at the same time, generate additional income.

María is the host of newer experiences on the platform. He has been imparting his experience for two months, which consists in sharing with travelers the cultural diversity and crafts of Mexico. In María's workshop, travelers, in addition to hearing the story behind the alebrijes, can paint their own piece.

Maria's Experience is one of the most accessible on Airbnb; its price is 300 pesos per person.

"The income is quite attractive. But the most attractive thing is that you own your time and that you self-regulate yourself, "says María.

The hostess offers her Experience three days a week with a quota of up to 10 people. María says that there may be days when the course is filled, like others where she receives four or five people.

Fernando has also managed to share an important element of Mexican culture: chile.

Fernando offers as Experience a tasting of chilies. The main objective is to raise awareness of this relevant element of Mexican cuisine.

"The goal is to save the varieties of chile in danger of extinction because if we do not know them, we do not demand them and if we do not demand them, they do not produce them," says the host.

The cost of the tasting of chilies is 700 pesos, with a tasting in three times and with the possibility that travelers make their own sauce.

"Airbnb allows us to put cash in and invest it to bring more varieties of peppers. With what we raise we try to contribute to the products so they do not stop producing," he says.

Ruiz says that while it may represent extra income, there are some hosts in other countries who live to impart their experiences.


Diego, María, and Fernando share that of the travelers they have received, only a couple of them have been Mexicans.

Ruiz believes that for Mexican travelers, Experiences are also a different way of knowing the same neighborhoods and their traditions.

For Airbnb, Experiences are a way to enrich your services and offer a more enriching offer for your users is also a new business.

"The founders had the vision to launch Experiences because the same hosts demanded to offer those services. As a business it is something that is still in test but has had a more accelerated growth. The vision of the company is to become a 360-degree platform," he concludes.

The above article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English. Click here to read the original article.

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