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Lamudi’s CEO comments on the so-called ‘fake news’ story of Rocket’s departure from Southeast Asia

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An open letter by Kian Moini - Co-Founder & CEO, Lamudi

I actually got the below mentioned article from my team in Indonesia quite quickly after it appeared on the internet and then from few more people across countries as the hours wore on.

Not being very fond of the quality of the article in general and knowing that the headline could not have been built on facts, the article rather opened my eyes again towards:

1. How fast and far unverified information can travel on social media an,

2. How impossible it is for the user to differentiate between fake and verified factual news.

Bottom line, I have not heard any (actual) news about Rocket/apacig leaving the south east Asia Market and leave it to Rocket/Apacig to comment where they think required.

So, for Lamudi I look at this buzz now positively in a sense that we are a very well funded and well performing venture that gets some free PR from such viral article....


Rocket Internet Exits Southeast Asia?

It appears that Rocket Internet’s Asian operations, Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG), has decided to shut its doors.

As of this evening, many people are let go at different ventures, including Zen Rooms.

APACIG is (or maybe was) a joint venture between Rocket Internet & Qatar’s Ooredoo Group. Established in 2015, APACIG was aiming to fully leverage the emerging internet opportunities in the region.

For those who are not familiar with Rocket’s internal structure, bigger ventures like Foodpanda, Zalora and Lazada did not form part of the regional setup.

This news follows the shutdown of Lyke, a Rocket-backed e-commerce discovery startup that had been operating in Indonesia for more than 2 years.

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  • Kevin Goos
    March 5, 2018

    Umm, so how come it looks like and have already shut down and been diverted to other sites?

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