Realogy has Retained Immobel to Build and Operate a Complete Globalization Platform

global imageRealogy has retained Immobel to build and operate a complete Globalization Platform that could ultimately connect all of the Realogy brands in a private data exchange that spans the world.

The platform provides the ability for connected websites to display the total global listing inventory of all of the brands combined, or listings segregated by brand, by location or in any other way that might be wanted for specialty sites such as international beach properties.

Century_21_GlobalCentury 21 is the first Realogy brand to use the new Globalization Platform, with their new

To populate the Century 21 Global site (which was built and is hosted and managed by Immobel) Immobel aggregates C21 international listings in their local languages which are then made available on the Century 21 Global site along with US listings, in the consumers choice of  16 languages.

The site benefits from complete SEO optimization in each of the 16 languages, to efficiently attract international consumers via their local search engines.

A spokesperson for Immobel said: "Since more than 72% of all internet users search and view sites in other languages (versus only 28% using English), fully multi language web sites have become a critical marketing tool for global brands. Immobel is uniquely positioned to address the special requirements of these flagship brands, as well as those wishing to establish their own global foot print. Our clients benefit from a menu of products and services that can equip their networks from global data platforms all the way to agent template websites and apps. All Immobel  products display the clients choice of their blended or segregated data, in their languages of choice.

As the major players take control of their global listings inventories, we anticipate that their will be more cooperative data sharing between brands and across borders. The globalization of the industry is in motion, and we see very exciting times ahead!"


Source: Immobel


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