Zillow Patent Case Against Trulia Stayed

According to an article by Peter M. Zollman for aimgroup.com, a federal court judge in Seattle has given Trulia permission to continue posting real estate price estimates to its site, deferring action on a patent-infringement lawsuit by Zillow.

The two companies have been litigation since September of last year, whether Zillow should own a patent on its “Zestimates” system of real estate valuations. Zillow (Nasdaq: Z) sued Trulia (NYSE: TRLA); Trulia has countered that real estate valuation is an idea that can’t be patented.

In an 18-page ruling issued Oct. 7, Judge James L. Robart of the federal court Western District in Washington state stayed the case pending a decision by the Patent and Trademark Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The appeals board has been asked to consider Trulia’s claim that real estate valuation is a “covered business method” and thus can’t be patented.

The two sides have traded 128,774 pages of documents in discovery.

Robart ruled that there are four considerations in determining whether a stay is appropriate, and Trulia’s request for a stay met all four parts of that test.


The above article is a reprint from 'Zillow Patent Case Against Trulia Stayed', and it can be found on aimgroup.com by clicking here.

Written by Peter M. Zollman

Peter M. Zollman

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