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propertiniPropertini, inc. has announced the UK launch of its international property search engine,, set to go live today, October the 3rd.

According to the company, the new site has been designed from the ground up to be the most user-friendly property portal available, and it promises to shake things up a bit. makes it possible to find residential property to buy, rent or share in the UK and worldwide without the need to complete complex forms or draw elaborate shapes onto a map. The intuitive visual property search means that finding a home takes just two quick steps and a user- friendly interface lets users search, select and share properties in seconds.

Chief Operating Officer Rhys Davies commented, "The unique capability to search for properties worldwide from one website is something of real value to the property buying public. Coverage and accuracy are key issues for us and the forthcoming addition of new international territories will only make our proposition stronger. We think this can be a game changer for our industry and believe that by deconstructing the functions of a typical property portal and re-building the concept from the ground up into a purpose built residential property search engine, we have set a new benchmark for the industry and look forward to continued evolution thanks to the input of real estate professionals and users.”

Aled Davies, Vice President of Social Media added, “With the launch of, we have an opportunity to make a significant impact on the UK property market. By working in close cooperation with the real estate professionals who speak to property hunters on a daily basis, we expect to engage with people searching for, selling or renting property and make the experience more efficient and enjoyable for all concerned.” bases all of its operating decisions on a core set of principles, which are published on the company’s website (link and inform everything they do. "Disquiet has continued to build amongst estate and lettings agents regarding the practices of property portals, whose goals can often conflict with those of the agent, as well as the property buyer and seller. For example, today’s residential property portal landscape is littered with irrelevant advertising that distracts from the core functionality” said Chief Executive Officer Andrew Roberts, adding “The UK launch of will go a long way towards rebalancing the role that property portals play in the process of buying and selling a property.”

During testing, many users were surprised how quickly they had been able to select properties and request viewings with agents. Marieta from London (one of several volunteers worldwide involved in beta testing) said, “I love the ease of use, especially the intuitive search features. We'll definitely be using when it launches and will be passing the link on to friends and family!”

Chief Operating Officer Rhys Davies explained, "Despite the proliferation of expensive, well promoted portals internationally we believe that the Internet still has not delivered a good enough service for finding property. Factors such as limited coverage, simplistic search functionality, poor quality control and lack of after-search services can leave the property vendor, buyer and agent shortchanged. To provide the most complete inventory possible, we will not charge real estate professionals for adding their listings. We value this data and believe that paying us to reproduce it is a broken, outdated model. We use cutting edge technologies such as geo-location and artificial intelligence to make our property search as accurate as possible and the entire system has been designed to make it a frictionless process between searching for property and arranging viewings with the agents."



Source: Propertini Inc.
Edited by Gordana Davila



  1. Honestly does anybody actually believe they will make any impact whatsoever ?

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