3 Best Ad Models for Tablets

A large study that took over a year to complete and touch more than 1 in 3 tablet owners in the US, claims to show that the top 3 tablet advertising models are: pre-roll with overlay; rich media interstitial; and banner to full page rich media.

The study, conducted by VivaKi’s The Pool, reveals that each model generated higher recall and likability than their respective benchmarks, but were preferred by consumers for different attitudinal metrics.

Beginning with likability, the quantitative portion of the research shows that each of the 3 models generated at least 5% point lift over their benchmarks The banner to full page model performed best relative to its benchmark 11% points higher.

While these 3 models were chosen by tablet owners as their favorite (with rich media interstitial coming in as the clear winner), survey respondents preferred them for various metrics. That is, rich media interstitial gained the highest lift over benchmark for “control,” while pre-roll with overlay performed best for “noticeable” and banner to full page for “deeper interaction.”

These results led the researchers to conclude that “the ad model must match the content,” meaning that those in a print state of mind aren’t going to be swayed by video ads, for example: the study recommends using the banner to full page rich media ad model for web browsing content, the pre-roll with overlay model for video content, and the rich media interstitial model for print-type content.

The study also suggests that advertisers look beyond just click rates to engagement rates, noting that rich media ads provide more interaction opportunities than solely clicks (such as product info, games, videos).

Examples of each ad model, along with further methodology beyond that noted below, can be found in the above link.

The average age of the profile is 36 year, and the average household income $87,000 per year. 51% have kids under 17, 90% went to college, and half are male.


About the Data: The quantitative portion of the research cited above is from a survey of more than 2,000 tablet owners and users aged 18-54. The sample was limited to: iPad and Android owners who use their tablet at least once a week; have downloaded 3+ application in the past 6 months; watch video and/or read print and/or access the web on their tablet; and are interested in consuming content on their tablet.

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