PropertyPal V6 Site Rolled Out

After nearly nine months of development, version six of has officially been rolled out, packed with new features and a fresh overall look and feel. The company stated in its blog: "You wanted awesome, and we listened. You’ll see things are looking pretty spiffy around here."

Propertypal's goal was to come up with a site which sets itself apart from others, with features its visitors would not find anywhere else on the web, so they set out to work on the cosmetic aspect as well as the all-so-important functionality of the website.


PropertyPal, recognising that social media plays a huge part of people's lives, has provided its users with the capability to "Add Pals." Finding property together between two PropertyPal accounts, with help from a friend, co-worker or family member becomes easier; users can now create a shared shortlist, rate properties depending on how they feel about them – so even if their flat mate, partner or family member is not in the same room, they can still get a feel for what they like and don’t. Users can share notes between them, and receive notifications whenever a pal adds a new note to a property.


Because everyone loves to doodle, the website's new 'Draw a Search' feature combines the precision of a mouse click, with the data PropertyPal has on property locations to provide its users with an interface that is sure to find them the perfect property. Irregular shape, perfect square, or a specific little section of the coast line, Draw a Search allows users to select the area they are looking to live in with pinpoint precision.


The new PropertyPal site is now “one size fits all”, so regardless of the device its content fits the user's viewport. Whether on a tablet, or a mobile, or a desktop computer, the site will fill the available width of the user's device, making mobile browsing in particular much easier. No more pinch and zoom to find information about a property quickly and easily. The company said: "It’s taken a while for us to get it right, but we believe that it is the way forward so we can continue to delight our visitors and provide you with a superior user experience to our competitors."

As well as providing a fully responsive site, the company recognised that not everyone wants to visit the website in their mobile browser, and sometimes, its quicker to just go native. A iPhone app has also been rolled out. The app includes some of the site's new features, including the refinements to the “Add a Pal” feature, “Save and Rate” and “Draw a search.”

Additional features include:

Core Search:

* Re-worked search architecture for a big gain in speed across all searches, biggest gains in speed for radius searches and searches for street addresses.
* Live property counts in as-you-type suggestions
* Suggestions now appear for property addresses
* Keyword search available – e.g. Thatched, Conservatory, etc.
* General accuracy improvements
* Map search shows more, smaller clusters resulting in more markers on the map in more accurate locations
* You now have the ability to exclude POA properties
* Rentals can be filtered by furnished type


* Add ratings to properties as you shortlist them
* Sort your shortlist by your own ratings, your pals ratings or the average rating of all your pals
* Login using your Facebook account
* Notification summary emails now provide what’s been happening on PropertyPal


* Touch enabled slideshow
* Responsive photos throughout, no mobile site, one site for all devices
* Deep linking to individual photos
* Shortlisted properties now available on the homepage for easy access.

* New student page, including properties close to the pub
* Report a problem page lets you inform us of any inaccuracies even quicker.

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